Changes in the regions of Kraków

The southern regions of Poland are definitely more difficult than executing work in other regions in Poland, but the constructions commissioned by Tele Haus Servis Ltd. in the Krakow region are considered as one of the most challenging especially in winter time. The main installation in the Zabrze Economic Zone has been completed, as well as installations in the large shopping centres “Trzy Korony” in Nowy Sącz and “Libero” in Katowice. Main lines are being built in Rybnik and Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. Moreover, the fibre-optic installations for banks (Mbank, Credit Agricole, PKO BP) as well as Mc Donald’s restaurants are still in progress.

Despite the winter, work in the difficult mountainous areas does not slow down Tele Haus Servis. Our employees are building several kilometres of optical fibre network systems in Zakopane, as well as in the Tatra National Park.