20 January 2022

The southern regions of Poland are definitely more difficult than executing work in other regions in Poland, but the constructions commissioned by Tele Haus Servis Ltd. in the Krakow region are considered as one of the most challenging especially in winter time. The main installation in the Zabrze Economic Zone has been completed, as well […]

18 January 2022

The beginning of the year has been a time of intensive construction work for Tele Haus Servis Ltd. especially at the construction sites mainly due to the favourable winter weather conditions. In Warsaw we have successfully completed a connection for MPWiK. After having won the contract in a tender procedure Tele Haus Ltd. needed only […]

31 December 2021

We are pleased to announce that Tele Haus Servis Ltd. has won the procedure, initiated by the participation in the tender in accordance to the ToR regulations (Invitation to Tender), for services consisting of the stand-by and removal of failures on optical fibre cable lines on a 7/24, for 365 days a year for the […]