We design, build and service modern telecommunications infrastructures as well as underground conduit systems throughout Poland.

Tele Haus Servis Ltd. executes on average two thousand projects on an anual basis – starting from issuing technical conditions and preparing as-built documentation, to building networks, base stations, and telecommunication underground duct systems, as well as removing telecommunication network failures of our clients and building underground conduit systems.

We mainly cooperate with T-Mobile Polska Joint-Stock Company, however we also carry out many orders for smaller contractors both in the field of network reconstruction activities and in the area of new investments. Within the scope of our work we are able to carry out works in excavations, outside buildings and installations inside buildings.

Projektowanie kabli swiatlowodowych

Designing optical fiber network systems

Budowa sieci swiatlowodowych

The construction of fibre optic networks

Uslugi utrzymania i rozbudowy sieci

Network maintenance and network restructuring services