Network maintenance and network restructuring services

Our goal is to provide efficient operation of the telecommunications optical fiber network system. This is of great importance due to the fact that it is the basis for development in every area of the economy, that it the reason to conduct proper maintenance works of underground connection systems. Conducting regular inspections of the optical fibre network systems allow the failure-free functioning of the whole network.

Nonetheless, one must keep in mind that there may be some external factors such as: earthworks performed in the vicinity of the telecommunications optical fibre network systems or the presence of rodents which will cause failures to occur. However, thanks to our long-standing experience and properly devised procedures, our employees quickly and efficiently locate the failure, diagnose and remove all of the damages and faults which may be present in the underground conduit systems.

Within our scope of activities, we offer:

Projektowanie kanalizacji teletechnicznej

Inspections and maintenance of telecommunication conduit network systems

Usuwanie awarii sieci swiatlowodowej w systemie 247365

Repairing failures of optical fibre networks for large telecommunication operators on a 24/7 basis for 365 days during the year

Spawanie swiatlowodow

Optical fibre welding services

Pomiary reflektometryczne

Reflectometric measurement services