The construction of fibre optic networks

Tele Haus Serwis Ltd. specialises in constructing and providing services when it comes to optical fibre networks, with the usage of modern technologies and sophisticated equipment. T-Mobile Poland Joint-Stock Company is our main partner, however we also execute many other contracts for smaller contractors with regard tonetwork reconstruction as well as new investments. We are able to carry out various scopes of work in trenches, in outside building and in-building installations.

Our operational branches are located in various parts of the Poland, thus allowing us to efficiently coordinate the implementation of projects in the whole country.

We are able to provide services in the area of:

Uslugi utrzymania i rozbudowy sieci

Constructing optical fibre networks for clients

Projektowanie kabli swiatlowodowych

Constructing tele-technical canalization

Budowa swiatlowodu na istniejacej podbudowie slupowej

Constructing fibre optic cables

Budowa przylaczy swiatlowodowych do budynkow

Constructing optical fibre on the existing pole foundation

Przewierty Sterowane

Controlled drilling

Controlled drilling, allowing for trenchless execution of any project in the following areas:

  • Urbanised areas with extensive infrastructure
  • Rivers, canals
  • Railway lines
  • Areas with difficult access
  • Difficult ground conditions