Projektowanie kabli swiatlowodowych

Designing optical fiber network systems

Budowa sieci swiatlowodowych

The construction of fibre optic networks

Uslugi utrzymania i rozbudowy sieci

Network maintenance and network restructuring services


We execute projects efficiently and effectively all over Poland.

km of optical fibre network systems

We provide maintenence services for 6000 km of optical fiber network systems

projects per year

On an annual basis we professionally execute over 2000 projects

About Us

We are a Polish based company and are a part of the T-Mobile Joint Stock Company group, providing services in the telecommunications industry specialising in optical fiber cabel placing. We possess all of the necessary equipment and expertise to be able to execute sophisticated telecommunication installations for the largest operators in Poland. 

Our head office is located in Gądki near Poznań, Poland, but we also have offices in Gdańsk, Kraków, Wrocław and Kobyłka near Warsaw. The abovementioned locations allow us to execute projects in every part of Poland. This is of crucial importance especially in events of failure Tele Haus Poland is able to carry out all of the maintenance work quickly, effectively and efficiently. We are able to take action immediately and are able to restore the signal in the optical fiber network systems. Due to the fact of operating in all of the voivodeships in Poland we are able to regularly monitor the condition of the network systems and telecommunication conduits.

Projektowanie sieci Tele Haus Serwis

What is the competitive advantage of Tele Haus Servis Ltd.?

Quality guarantee

A professional execution of all projects

Punctuality and on time execution of projects

Experience and expertise in the area of optical fibre network systems


Annually, Tele Haus Ltd. carries out about two thousand projects in the field of design, construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks – each of them is equally important to us and we approach each one with the same commitment, bearing in mind the satisfaction of our clients. 



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